Parent Portal & Mobile App

Online enrollment. Classroom communication. Check-in/Check-out. 24/7.

Parent Portal & Mobile App

Prime Child Care makes it easy for your parents/sponsors to manage their information and accounts with your organization.

These powerful self-help tools provide your customers with 24-7/365 access to the information and functions they need while simultaneously reducing the burden on your office staff.

Our child care organizations report large demand for account balances and annual spend reports for parent's tax deductions.

Schedule a free live demo and speak with one of our Solution Consultants to see how we can streamline your customer service.

  • Easy online billing & payments for parents/sponsors 
  • Check in and check out with PIN or fingerprint
  • Online enrollment and permissions slips including e-sig
  •  Student and parent/sponsor information management 
  • Spending and attendance reports
  • Access to newsletters and announcements
  • School Calendar & Directory
  • Compliant Claims Process for Your State
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