Meal Plan Management. One Byte At a Time.

Create menus. Track meal plans. Process CACFP Claims.

CACFP Management & Reporting

Management and reporting of meal programs is a huge time consumer for many child care centers and preschools.

PCC's Meal program manager streamlines the meal program tracking and reporting process for staff and administrators alike.

Easily create and manage menus with our signature drag-and-drop editing. Automate the reporting process for more accurate and timely claims processing.

Prime Child Care can help you transform CACFP meal program management for your organization from a headache into a head-start!

  • Publish Menus to Parent Portal
  • Track Student Eligibility & Store Forms
  • Drag-and-Drop Menu Creation/Editing and Auto-Budgeting
  • Automatically Ensures Compliance with the Latest Meal Patterns and Automated Claims Maximization
  •  Automated Meal Production Reporting & Distribution
  • Compliant Claims Process for Your State
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Paid Meal Accounts

Prime CC makes it just as easy to manage and track meals for your paid students as well!

Prime CC empowers parents with the ability to load funds into their student's meal account.

You set your meal prices and Prime CC will automatically deduct the meal from the student account.

Staff members can simply select the students that are eating for the day in the app and Prime CC determines meal payment (CACFP or Paid) automatically!

  • Parents Can Load Funds on Student's Account
  • Customizable Meal Settings and Prices
  • Automated Meal Tracking
  • Easy Staff Management with Prime TAPP app
  •   Consolidated Reporting for Meal Production & Purchase/Shopping Lists
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