Fast & Efficient Check-In and Check-Out.

Live headcount display & reporting. Billing & announcements. Any device.  

Child Care Check-In & Attendance Software + Mobile App

There are a multitude of apps and options for child care administrators to sift through when searching for a check in system or attendance system.

Prime Check-In goes far beyond other check-in and attendance systems by connecting seamlessly to your information in Prime Child Care.

Our solution consultants will help you to get setup quickly and easily with little disruption to your customer's day-to-day drop-off and pick-up.

Additionally, your check-in can provide another point of contact with your parents/sponsors for announcements, billing alters and to take payments.

Whether your students are checked-in at the front desk, curbside by a staff member, or in groups after bus transport from public schools we'll provide the perfect solution for your organization.

  • Our web and mobile apps provide check in on virtually any device, including existing devices in most cases 
  • Real-Time & Accurate Attendance Reporting
  • Batch check-in and checkout of students by staff - great for after school programs
  • Faster Check-In with a PIN Code, Phone Number, Standard Magnetic Strip, RFID, or Bio-Metric Reader
  • Customizable to Match Your Brand 
  • Use Device Camera to Capture Student, Parent & Staff Photos
  • Provide Parents/Sponsors with billing alerts and announcements at Check-In
  • Parents View and Pay Bills at Check-in
  • Employee Clock-in & Alerts
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