While you have been busy starting up another semester, we have been busy developing more ways to make running your business easier.  We have implemented some great new functionalities over the summer and there are more coming this fall!  Here are a couple of the new capabilities you'll enjoy:

live dash overview of child care center business driversLive Interactive Dashboard:  Prime Child Care is known for the Live Dashboard, which provides real-time businesses insights at a glance.  However, now you'll love it even more as we have made all of the data on the dashboard interactive.  Now you can quickly access overdue invoices and child records needing attention directly in the dashboard.  We know you will enjoy getting to the information you need faster, and keep a lookout for more updates to the dashboard in the near future!

Email Blast and Child Care Center Parent PortalMass Email Tool:  Prime Child Care has always given users the ability to email everything from invoices to announcements.  However, we received many requests for an easy general mass email tool and we listened.  You will now find the new mass email tool under "Tools" in the top navigation.  With it, you can easily create and send emails to the people you need to reach right in Prime Child Care.  The tool features full editing capabilities so you can ensure your messages look great with your own customization. 

Updated Parent Portal:  We have completely overhauled the Parent Portal.  It has a new look and feel, which we know your parents will appreciate.  Things like announcements and event calendars are now more accessible as part of an informative and interactive dashboard.  Your company logo and contact information are now more prevalent on the site.  We have even added some color/theme options to allow further customization to your portal. We have also added some new features to make the portal more valuable to your customers.  We have added a newsletter feature, allowing you to publish a newsletter to parents that is deliverable via email and available on the portal.  We have also added an email option to announcements, so parents can see them on the portal as well as receive email notifications.  Calendar events and menus can now be class specific, allowing you to publish certain things to just those parents that need to see them.  Parents will now be able to update their information, as well as their child's information, from within the portal.  And finally, we are really excited to announce integration for twitter and facebook.  This will allow you to post announcements to your portal, via email, and through your existing social media accounts!

TAPP - Communications Hub and Mobile App for Parent, Teacher and admin - emergency alter system with push notificationsNEW PRODUCT COMING!  We are proud to announce the pending release of Ledger Software's latest product TAPP.   TAPP is a mobile app and communications hub for child care centers.  It gives teachers, administrators and sponsors/parents unprecedented efficiencies in communicating.  Everything from sharing daily reports and rich content like videos and photos, to emergency-alert push notifications for immediate pickup.  TAPP revolutionizes your organizations communications. 

For the final phase of development on TAPP we need Beta Testers!  Simply contact sales to register to become a Beta Tester.  Our Beta Testers will be given prerelease copies of TAPP and have a huge say in its development.  You can be a part of creating a powerful tool that actually does what child care centers need.  Not only do Beta Testers get early access, but will enjoy ongoing rewards and prizes.  Finally, when TAPP is released, Beta Testers automatically get the first 2 months completely FREE!  Become a Beta Tester today, and enjoy all the benefits with no commitment to buy.

Social Media:  We are hard at work preparing rich content from industry experts to share with all of you on social media.  Insightful articles, informative videos and all of the latest contests and giveaways delivered to your favorite social media feed!  Follow us today!

New Customers Can Get a FREE Tablet, and we are giving away a free two in one laptop-tablet for following us on your favorite social mediaTell a Friend:  Get a month of Prime Child Care free for every new customer you refer to Prime Child Care.  New subscribers will receive a FREE TABLET, and you get a FREE MONTH!  Contact sales to register your referrals today!