Prime Child Care Supports All Online Payment TypesBring your own payment processing service, or select from popular options.  Prime Child Care is integrated with PayPal™, Square™, or Stripe™ out-of-the-box making it super fast to get setup with your existing account with these providers, or even create your new account from within Prime Child Care.

Get the Best Rates & Support for ACH Transactions

Popular off-the-shelf payment processing services are very convenient and work great for many child care centers.  However, lower transaction rates can often be had based on your specific businesses volumes and practices.  Additionally, these popular payment processors do not support ACH transactions.  For the best rates and support for ACH transactions, you should check with your local bank, or speak with the company we have come to trust and recommend.

FirstAmerican Main LogoWe have partnered with a leader in the payments industry, First American Payment Systems, to bring you best-in-class payment solutions backed by

 award-winning customer service.

We know you care about your customers and the service they receive. Why not provide them with the following:

 pci checkbox smallMobile Wallet and NFC payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay
 pci checkbox smallTokenization and Encryption
 pci checkbox smallMultitude of payment options including recurring payments, in-person, online and mobile

Benefits to you include:

 pci checkbox smallEasy payment acceptance integrated into Prime Child Care & The PCC Family of Apps
 pci checkbox smallSecurity you can trust from a leader in the payments industry 
 pci checkbox smallAbility to gain updated credit card information automatically reducing the number of declines received without contacting the customer
 pci checkbox smallAbility to offer consumers multiple ways to pay – whether it’s recurring payments, in-person, online or mobile


Manage Students & Classes OnlineEmpower your staff with the information and features that make managing students easy and accessible virtually anywhere. Administrators will rest assured that they or their approved staff can provide inspectors with an accurate head count in seconds.  Schedule a live demo with one of our Solution Consultants to see for yourself how much easier Prime Child Care makes managing your students and classes.

  pci checkbox small Manage class rosters, tuition, curriculum, and fees 
  pci checkbox small Manage student enrollment and medical information 
  pci checkbox small Manage the student's immunization records, allergies, and dietary restrictions 
  pci checkbox small Keep parents/sponsors informed with daily reports, achievements, incident reports, photos, and more 
  pci checkbox small Easily manage one-off fees and tuition overrides for special cases without tricks or workarounds 
  pci checkbox small Teachers can log events for daily reports and transition students between rooms effortlessly in the teacher app 
  pci checkbox small Manage student/teacher ratios easily track class capacity 
  pci checkbox small Manage rooms and class room assignments for your facilities 


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CACFP Meal Program Tracking and ReportingManagement and reporting of meal programs is a huge time consumer for many child care centers and preschools.  PCC's Meal program manager streamlines the meal program tracking and reporting process for staff and administrators alike.  Easily create and manage menus with our signature drag-and-drop editing. Automate the reporting process for more accurate and timely claims processing.  Prime Child Care can help you transform CACFP meal program management for your organization from a headache into a head-start!

  pci checkbox small Easily Publish Menus to Parent Portal 
  pci checkbox small Track Student Eligibility & Store Forms 
  pci checkbox small Track Menu Item Ingredients & Costs 
  pci checkbox small "Always-Accurate" Subsidy Rates for Effective Budgeting 
  pci checkbox small Easy Meal Tracker Tool in Admin Panel and Teacher App 
  pci checkbox small Automated Claims Reporting
  pci checkbox small USDA - CACFP Compliant Claim Forms for Your State

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Parent Access and PortalPrimeChild Care makes it easy for your parents/sponsors to manage their information and accounts with your organization.  These powerful self-help tools provide your customers with 24-7/365 access to the information and functions they need while simultaneously reducing the burden on your office staff.  Our child care organizations report large reductions demands for such information as account balances and annual spend reports for parent's tax deductions.  Schedule a free live demo and speak with one of our Solution Consultants to see how we can streamline your customer service.

  pci checkbox small Comprehensive Parent Portal 
  pci checkbox small Billing and payments including easy online payment for parents/sponsors 
  pci checkbox small Student and parent/sponsor information management 
  pci checkbox small Spending and attendance reports 
  pci checkbox small Access to school/center and classroom newsletters and announcements 
  pci checkbox small School Calendar 
  pci checkbox small School Directory (system managed opt-in/out for parents) 
  pci checkbox small Easy check in and check out with PIN or fingerprint including announcements and ability to pay at check-in 
  pci checkbox small Easy online enrollment and permissions slips including e-signature on virtually any devices


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Online Child Care Admissions and EnrollmentFew things are more time consuming, and paper intensive, than the enrollment and admissions process.  Prime Child Care provides all of the tools you need to take this whole process and go paperless!  Your organization will not only save a significant amount of money on paper and ink but a tremendous amount of time and stress.  Small businesses can often reduce administrative costs by 20% or more and the reduction in lost information and human error is incalculable.  Speak to one of our solution consultants to learn more about how we have helped many organizations go paperless with their enrollment and admissions.

  pci checkbox small Create customizable online enrollment and registration forms, and deploy them on your website, social media and via email blast 
  pci checkbox small Create and manage permission slips, photo waivers and any other form your organization requires 
  pci checkbox small Electronic signatures are compliant and make it easy for parents/sponsors to provide you with the approvals you need 
  pci checkbox small Share form templates across the organization to eliminate duplicated effort 
  pci checkbox small Great tools for using existing data/spreadsheets to broadcast enrollment or other online forms to your customers 


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EmployeesPrime Child Care makes it easy to manage your operations and employees with powerful user management and intuitive reporting and features.  Your staff and customers will appreciate professional tools for handling their day-to-day tasks and thereby improving staff and customer retention rates.  Administrators will love how streamlined the most labor-intensive parts of their jobs have become.  Schedule a live demonstration with one of our Solutions Consultants and learn how we can make the complex simple for your organization.

  pci checkbox small Powerful & customizable reports 
  pci checkbox small Deploy and Manage Online Enrollment & Admissions 
  pci checkbox small Deploy and manage online registrations permission slips and waivers including electronic signatures 
  pci checkbox small Easily manage and publish the school calendar, newsletters, announcements, curriculum, and menus 
  pci checkbox small USDA/CACFP Compliant Meal Program Tracking & Reporting  
  pci checkbox small Unlimited users and full control over user detailed permissions regarding access and functionality 
  pci checkbox small Effective communications across devices and technologies through web, email and more 
  pci checkbox small Compliance & Accountability – Easy Clock in and clock out with PIN or biometrics 
  pci checkbox small Human Resource Management including payroll, PTO, scheduling, employee information and employee certification tracking


Child Care Check/Clock In & Attendance System and AppsThere is a multitude of apps and options for child care administrators to sift through when searching for a check in system or attendance system.  Prime Check In goes far beyond other check-in and attendance systems by connecting seamlessly to your information in Prime Child Care.  Our solution consultants will help you to get setup quickly and easily with little disruption to your customer's day-to-day drop-off and pick-up.  Additionally, your check-in can provide another point of contact with your parents/sponsors for announcements, billing alters and to take payments.  Whether your students are checked-in at the front desk, curbside by a staff member, or in groups after bus transport from public schools we'll provide the perfect solution for your organization.

  pci checkbox small Our web and mobile apps provide check in on virtually any device, including existing devices in most cases 
  pci checkbox small Real-Time & Accurate Attendance (live headcount display and reporting) 
  pci checkbox small Batch check-in and checkout of students by staff - great for after school programs 
  pci checkbox small Check-In with a PIN Code or Phone Number or use Standard Magnetic Strip, RFID or Bio-Metric Reader for Faster Check-in 
  pci checkbox small Customizable to Match Your Brand 
  pci checkbox small Use Device Camera to Capture Student, Parent & Staff Photos 
  pci checkbox small Provide Parents/Sponsors with billing alerts and announcements at Check-In 
  pci checkbox small Parents View and Pay Bills at Check-in 
  pci checkbox small Employee Clock-in & Alerts


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Child Care Billing & AccountingPrime Child Care makes complicated billing processes easier with intuitive tools and powerful back-office automation.  Our Solution Consultants will guide you in setting up effectively so that most of your accounting functions are automated and easily managed.  Prime Child Care fits the accounting needs of organizations across the spectrum from simple to advanced accounting.

  pci checkbox small Full accounting suite including industry standard ledger entries 
  pci checkbox small Vendor Management & Accounts Payable 
  pci checkbox small Advanced payment application functionalities 
  pci checkbox small Easily manage tuition, fees, payments, 3rd party payments, invoices and more 
  pci checkbox small USDA/CACFP Compliant Meal Program Tracking & Reporting  
  pci checkbox small Deploy and manage online billing and payment 
  pci checkbox small Check-in billing and payment 
  pci checkbox small Special Accountant Access 
  pci checkbox small 3rd Party Integrations (ex. QuickBooks OnlineTM)


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