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How to Fall Back in Love with Childcare

Regardless of our role or position, a common theme among most early childhood educators is the idea that we love being around kids. We love seeing that light bulb go off when our students learn something new or click that puzzle piece into place. We love watching them discover. But it

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How to Kick-Start Your Classroom & Inspire Creativity

While some educators may not see creative thinking as a pure skill, Miriam Clifford touts in her article “30 Ideas to Promote Creativity in Learning” that creativity is “less a trait and more a proficiency that can be taught.” If you are thinking that you’re not creative and this is

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Turning the Tables on a Toxic Workplace Culture

So your child care center culture is struggling to retain employees, and staff member turnover is at an all-time high. Don’t worry! The good news is that recognizing and admitting there is a problem is the first step. In a hiring climate like the one we're in now where there's

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Best Practices for Managing Difficult Parents in Childcare

Free White PaperBest Practices for Managing Difficult Parents Whether you are a veteran teacher, center director or staff member, at some point in your career as a childcare worker, you will encounter difficult-to-please parents.  Learn how to handle tough conversations about a child’s behavior, build healthy relationships, and avoid

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Child Care Accounting Made Easy

Money is such a sensitive subject. No one wants to have to ask for it, but many people simply don’t want to part with it. It is one of the more challenging issues child care center administrators and owners face. To run a business successfully, you must carefully balance your

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Why Meal Restrictions and Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze At!

Peanuts. Gluten. Ants. Bees. Grass. Pollen. Mold. There is no shortage of allergens affecting our kids today. Whether these allergens have always existed or we are just becoming more sensitive to them, it is more important now than ever that we bring awareness and prevention to the table as child

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