Prime Child Care Version 2.34 Release Date Scheduled for 8-30-2016

Version 2.34 is in test and scheduled for release this Tuesday.  Here is a look at what's in store.

New Features

  • Shot Record Module - The shot record module has been overhauled (again).  We are always trying to find the right balance between ease of use and flexibility, and we realize some users' processes are more complex than others.  With that in mind, and after surveying many of our current users, we have implemented the following changes to the student shot module.
    • Settings for overview alerts and reports - We have added new settings to control what features of the shot records are checked in alerts and reports. Now users can choose to track shot records, due dates, and individual shots for each student.  If the user does not wish to track one of these attributes, it can be turned off in settings and no alerts will be generated.
    • Simplification - There are basically three aspects of shot records now.  The shot record, which is an attached copy of the record provided by the sponsor.  The shot record due date, which is a reminder date which can be put into the system to let the center know an updated record will be required on that date.  And finally, for centers that like to see detail, every student has a shot checklist that can be used to track shots that are missing individually.  Any or all of these can be used to match the process used by the center.
  • Security - The security module has been added to extensively.  Users can now set security for each of their employees much more precisely than before.  Every tab in every module now has its own setting.  We also have security settings for all menu items (tools), and even modular functions like adding, deleting, and clocking people in/out are available now.  Of course with a more complex security model, there is an increased level of effort for admins to manage all of those settings.  With that in mind, we have added some ease of use features such as copying security profiles from one user to another.