Version 2.32 Released


Prime Child Care version 2.32 has been released to all customers.  This is a minor release containing some bug fixes as well as a few new features.  Here are the high points...

Bug Fixes

  • Paying Invoices - There was an issue where an invoice could get marked paid even if the payment(s) applied were not equal to the amount of the invoice.  This would only occur from the Payment module when making a partial payment. The issue was with the way the invoice balance was being handled when applying the payment(s).  This has now been fixed.
  • Payments Not Closing - This issue involved a payment not being closed after it had been fully applied to an invoice.  The issue was related to a variable floating point issue.  Code was patched to prevent the issue from recurring.
  • W2 Report - There was an issue with the W2 report potentially showing incorrect amounts if there were deleted paychecks for that employee.  This has been fixed.

New Features

  • Proper pay stubs are now generated with each paycheck.
  • Employee Schedule tab has been updated to include real time log in/out information.  The graphics were adjusted as well.
  • Reports now have a header including the company logo and address.
  • Employee Clock Time tab has been changed to allow for easier adding and editing of clock times.  This can be found under the Site menu, called Launch Portal.