Our latest update doesn't just bring the latest security and compliance patches you are likely accustomed to with other child care management software.  We take every opportunity to pack in as many new features as possible driven by all of the input and feedback of our fantastic customers!  This latest update (2.4.3) is no different boasting the following to name a few:

  • PCC Wait List Place StudentCACFP Meal Program Management & Claims:  Now your subsidies are automatically applied to the menus/meal plans you create.  Easily customize and track ingredients, serving sizes and costs while using easy drag-and-drop menu creation with real-time budget projections and maximize every dollar of your meal programs.
  • Class Management & Planning:  Administrators can now configure your desired teacher/student ratios and get busy balancing your classes and planning your next session like a pro in no-time! Assign teachers and aides with real-time ratio updates ensuring your classes are always balanced and full!
  • Notes/Teacher Reports:  All of our customers have loved our easy note system that allows users to easily create notes and upload file for staff use or publish to the Parent Portal.  This latest version takes it quite a leap further.  Now users can not only publish to the Parent Portal, but notes can be sent directly to the parent via email as well.  While this feature is great for things such as teachers' Daily Reports, it goes much further, allowing users to require an electronic signature from the parent(s) if needed for such items as Incident Reports.  
  • Text Message Blasts & Enhanced Communications:  Communication is absolutely critical to every child care center!  So much so that we strive to include truly helpful communications enhancements in every update we release.  Not only does this update bring even easier marketing communications with your waitlisted customers, it also features the release of Text Blasts!  All Prime Child Care customers get a basic package of messages each month that covers the needs of most organizations for FREE!  However, super-affordable bulk messaging packages are available for heavy users.